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14 Crazy Beauty Products You'll Actually Feel Like Buying Right Now

And they're all available in India.

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1. If you loved peeling glue off your hands in school, get this peel-off lipstick.

Once you peel off the top coat, the leftover tint lasts for hours.

Go here for pink and here for orange at ₹389.


4. If you want to watch your nail paint perform actual science, get this magnetic nail colour.


You paint your nails normally with the polish. You then take them close to the cap of the bottle (which is also a magnet) and suddenly, you'll have cool wave patterns on your nails.

Buy it here for ₹679.

5. If all your products keep drying out before you can use them, all you need is a drop of this magic potion.


You can even transform any powdered cosmetic into gel with Duraline. ALL your eyeshadows could also be liners.

Buy it here for ₹750.

7. Sick of going to the parlour every week? Get rid of your facial hair at home with this springy tool.


You just have to roll it around your face so your tiny hairs get caught in the spring and are pulled from the root.

Buy it here for ₹189.