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24 Joys And Struggles Of Being Too Adorable For Your Own Good


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1. People will pull your cheeks mid sentence.

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2. You encounter more baby talk than most babies.

3. Your rants are stopped midway with "Awws" and "You're so cute when you're mad."

4. No one is threatened by you.

5. It's super easy to get out of trouble.

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6. Your opinions are given as much consideration as a cat's meow.

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7. Everyone thinks you just get things too easily.

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8. Your friends can get almost violent while showing you affection.


9. People will tell you their deepest, darkest secrets the minute they meet you.

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10. You get hugged a lot.


11. Your hair gets stroked and ruffled too much.

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12. No one can process emotions like rage and anger coming out of you.


13. People find it hilarious when you're trying to be sexy.

Paramount Pictures / Via

AWW this AWW that, fuck you and your AWWs! People gimme some OOH LA LAS!

14. You're always sent to do all the dirty work, like getting a table at crowded restaurant.

15. But never at the liquor store or club.

NBC / Via

16. A sneeze can get a whole room convulsing in awws.

Walt Disney / Via

17. You've experimented with make up to make yourself look less cute.

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18. And wardrobe too.

19. You don't get taken seriously at work and that's a real problem for your career.

20. Your crush keeps calling you cute in a non-attractive way.

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21. You find yourself being a wingman/woman more often than you'd like.

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22. You can still shop at kids stores and pull it off.

TLC / Via

23. It's assumed that you're super friendly and easy to talk to.


24. But that just means it's super easy to make friends.

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