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    Posted on 25 Jun 2015

    17 Pictures That Prove Brown Girls Look Spectacular With Dyed Hair

    It ain't no lie, baby, dye dye dye.

    1. If you're nervous, you can start small with light-brown highlights.

    2. Or go all out with a head full of the most gorgeous pastels.

    3. You can always opt for red, brown skin's best friend.

    4. Or look fresh AF in aquamarine.

    5. You'll look great in deep purple.

    6. Dyed hair on asymmetrical bobs is a win-win.

    7. And peacock hair has to be the most magical thing in the world.

    8. Just look at this gloriousness.

    9. Red highlights are perfect to make a statement without going OTT.

    10. And tips are best if you can’t be fully committed.

    11. Just your fringe is great too.

    12. Ombré dyed colours will give you life.

    13. Live the the glamazon life, instantly.

    14. It's time to start showing your inner quirk goddess.

    15. However subtle...

    16. Or strong she may be.

    17. Go geddit, BB.

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