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13 Indian Men's Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Up your style game.

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1. Riaan from Urban Eye. / Via

Follow this aviation enthusiast as he stylishly flits between Mumbai and Paris.

2. Al from Bowties And Bones. / Via

Follow for Al's quirky accessories and obviously for all his beard and tattoo goodness.

3. Eklavya from McLavin Style.

Follow Eklavya's super sharp and flawless style.

4. Tejeshwar from Blueberry Blackout.

Follow for perfect dressing for every occasion.

5. Jeremy from Fashion Most Wanted.

Follow for everything related to fashion and Bollywood.

6. Purushu from Purushu.

Follow Purushu for his takes on fashion and surreal illustrations.

7. Uday from Stranger In Suede.

Follow this motorcycle and skateboard enthusiast as he travels around the world.

8. Sarang from He Is Got The Style.

Follow India's first male style blogger because he's amazing, that's why.

9. Mohnish from The Snazzy Man.

Follow Mohnish to stay on trend with his helpful vlogs and style tips.

10. Pradeep from Singh Street Style.

Follow Pradeep's dapper style on the streets of London.

11. Usaamah from The Dapper Label.

Follow Usaamah's preppy style to get better at putting together outfits.

12. Kish from Kish Style.

Follow Kish as he travels to the most exotic locations to take beautiful pictures.

13. Jai from Cocktail For Two.

Follow this Indo-Spanish blog for some serious lifestyle envy.