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14 Spectacular Desi Outfits To Help You Survive Wedding Season

Who's the bride again?

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1. A pretty pink lehenga is versatile enough for day or night, heavy or light.

Instagram: @masabagupta

2. And nude colours are the perfect way to low-key steal the show.

Instagram: @ayahcouture

3. A maxi dress adds maximum glamour without having to wax.

Instagram: @urmidaga

4. Winter wedding season doesn't mean you have to be cold all the time.

Instagram: @shereenlovebug

5. A long embroidered jacket works too.

Instagram: @giasaysthat

6. Invest in a gorge shawl and you can wear pretty much whatever you want underneath.

Instagram: @missstylefiesta

7. If you don't feel cold easily, a cut-out crop top should be a closet essential.

Instagram: @thegirlfromfuss

8. You don't even need the traditional full skirt in your lehenga to look shaadi-ready.

Instagram: @papadontpreachbyshubhika

9. And wearing culottes underneath a slit maxi top gives you a pretty edge.

Instagram: @santushi_thestyledge

10. A dhoti dress is easy wedding chic 101.

Instagram: @most_rajvivora

11. Replace your choli with a high street top so you look amazing at a cocktail party.

Instagram: @thegirlfromfuss

12. Replace your lehengas and salwars with a sharara to get the best of both worlds.

Instagram: @arpita__mehta

13. Ditch the dupatta in this pretty, pastel, lacy number.

Instagram: @anushabawany

14. Wear a high-slit printed top between functions for easy glam.

Instagram: @aashna_bhagwani

In conclusion, as long as your outfit lets you bust a move, you're good.

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