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29 Delicious Things You Need To Eat From India's 29 States

No matter where you go, your taste buds will remain in a 'state' of bliss.

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2. Thukpa, Arunachal Pradesh

Pankaj Kaushal / Via Flickr: pankaj

While this noodle soup is originally from Tibet, it's really popular in the north eastern states of Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Learn how to make the chicken version here and the vegetarian version here.

4. Malpua, Bihar

Learn to make these sweet, fried pancakes doused in sugar syrup here.


5. Kusli, Chhattisgarh

Similar to North Indian gujiya, kulsi is fried dough stuffed with semolina and dry fruits. Learn to make it here.

8. Kachi Lassi, Haryana

This drink is a watered-down milkshake made with rose petals or their syrup. It's known to lower your body temperature and even get rid of acidity. Learn how to make it here.


9. Siddu, Himachal Pradesh

Very similar to the Chinese bao, this Himachali dish can be stuffed with everything from meat to poppy seeds. It's served with ghee and spicy chutney. Make it at home by looking here.

11. Aloo chop, Jharkhand

Spiced and fried potatoes are a universal winner, right? Check the recipe for this crowd-pleaser here.

12. Akki roti, Karnataka

Learn to make this delicious breakfast bread here.


13. Beef fry, Kerala



17. Jadoh, Meghalaya

Make your own comforting bowl by looking here.

18. Sanpiau, Mizoram

You can add pork and any other toppings to this rice porridge. Find the basic recipe here.

19. Pork with bamboo shoots, Nagaland

Learn to make this delicious yet light curry here.

20. Chenna poda, Odisha

This Indian cheesecake is made with cottage cheese and semolina and baked with a caramelised sugar crust. Get the goodness here.


22. Pyaaz kachori, Rajasthan

This flaky fried snack is freshly made and promptly sold out during the afternoons in Rajasthan. You can make yours at home by looking here.


26. Chingri maach bhaja, Tripura

Learn to make this spicy, fried prawn dish here.

27. Kakori kebab, Uttar Pradesh

Traditionally made with lamb, this kebab LITERALLY melts in your mouth. Check the recipe here.

28. Aloo ke gutke, Uttarakhand

Learn to make this Kumaoni potato dish here.

29. Ilish maach, West Bengal

West Bengal's love affair with the hilsa fish resulted in the most satisfying curry ever. Make it here.