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    Desi Girls, This Is Going To Be Your New Favourite Instagram Account

    Follow @hatecopy or you're an aunty.

    Pakistani-Canadian artist Maria Qamar has perfected the art of capturing the unique, hilarious lives of us desis.

    From our constant dietary struggles...

    To our families' obsessions with getting us married off...

    And our deepest, darkest fears.

    Her illustrations are a brutally honest portrayal of the most ubiquitous #BrownGirlStruggles.

    While also making subtle (and funny!) commentary on serious issues.

    "I parted ways with my job in an ad agency earlier in the year, and in that fun-employment slump I started drawing aunties," Maria told BuzzFeed. "Little by little it grew a fan base so I kept at it."

    "It's so effortless, and most of the time they're quite literally based on my personal experiences," she said. And they're experiences we can ALL relate to.

    Seriously, these Indian parent struggles are too real.

    Maria apparently knows all your inner thoughts and feelings...

    And expresses them better than any of us could hope to.

    You can buy Maria's filmy art here.

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