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This Artist Is Redefining Desi Aunties By Making Them Street Fighters

Signature moves include the "masala cloud" and the "salwar-sneaker combo kick".

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Meet Hana, an Indo-Persian artist and writer based in Toronto, who wants to "remix" your perception of the infamous "aunty" stereotype.

Instagram: @frizzkidart

Hana also draws about what it's like to be brown in the west, and the burden of assimilation and racism that comes with it.

Frizz Kid Art

"I love my brownness, so to speak, because it connects me with this strong, incredible heritage and allows me to bond with other phenomenal brown women. We are often unappreciated in the Western art scene, our work can go unnoticed. But I encourage my fellow brown girl artists to keep at it and to know that their creativity and expression is vital and beautiful," she says.