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    24 Reasons An Indian Wedding Is The Only Wedding You Want

    Ain't no shaadi like a big fat Indian shaadi.

    1. The shaadi ka ghar is pimped out weeks in advance so everyone knows there's a wedding.

    2. You get to look like an ethereal Indian princess/prince.

    3. And star in your own fairytale.

    4. Your lehenga weighs half your body weight but you get to be seated for almost the whole ceremony.

    5. Your hands transform into a temporary work of art.

    6. Or any exposed surface really.

    7. You get to watch all your loved ones awkwardly put on a show for you.

    8. There are so many ceremonies that you don't have to pick just one wedding dress.

    9. That's 3-5 days of acting out all your favourite Pinterest boards.

    10. The groom enters on a white horse. Literally like Prince freaking Charming.

    11. The regal groom can also choose to make a grand entrance on an elephant.

    12. Or in fancy cars holding SWORDS!

    13. The rest of his entourage can travel in desi pimped out party buses.

    14. The bride waits in all her wedding regalia while the groom's side tears up the dance floor outside.

    15. Dressed in wedding finery and armed with their own band baaja, the groom's family dances to the venue to meet the bride.

    16. Your dad doesn't walk you down the aisle, your entire extended family does.

    17. Everyone can get as dressed up as they want and no one wears white.

    18. And the tiny fashion quotient is off the charts.

    19. Indian weddings are all about the food.

    20. The two families even exchange foodie hampers to facilitate the right kind of love.

    21. The wedding altar is almost as beautiful as the bride.

    22. You get to watch all your old uncles and aunties get way too turnt and walk in shame the next day.

    23. Getting married is a big change so about 50 people cry only because you are moving houses.

    24. But you're about start a new life and you get to call this whole crazy mini-festival your wedding day.

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