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17 Incredible GIFs That Show India's True Beauty

Screw the scenery.

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1. A hand-sculpted ladoo made with pure ghee and pure love.

2. This little bomb of a million flavours exploding in your mouth.


A.k.a pani puri, puchka and golgappa depending on where you are.

3. The intoxicating aroma of fresh chai being made.

4. And the hot and sweet flavour of the finished product.

5. Pair it with a fried kachori filled with spices and pulses.

6. Or a crunchy tea time snack of pakoras.

7. A refreshing iced gola in any of the 82663287* flavours available.


*According to very ~real~ research.

8. Forget sweet crepes with a delicious, savoury dosa.

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana / Via

9. Have it plain or stuffed with masala potatoes.

10. If you like some meat on your bones, there's a plethora of kebabs to choose from.


Chicken tikka, mutton seekh, reshmi malai, you can have whatever you like.

11. You can't think of Indian cuisine without a healthy dose of curry.

12. Paired with soft, pillowy, buttery naan.

13. Load up on your carbs with a heavenly, slow-cooked biryani.

14. Steamed, white rice is equally satisfying.

15. Get your sugar fix with a crispy, sweet jalebi.

16. Indians have been having chia seeds for years in the form of a falooda.


BONUS: It's a dessert drink made of rose milk, jelly, sweet noodles, chia seeds and ice cream.

17. And finish with a classic South Indian filter coffee.