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    23 Reasons Having Butter Chicken Is Better Than Having A Social Life

    Butter chicken doesn’t create a WhatsApp group to make plans.

    1. You don't have to get dressed up to meet butter chicken.

    2. It will never ask you if the naan is making it look fat.

    3. You don't have to keep butter chicken from getting arrested every time it gets drunk.

    4. Butter chicken would never hit on your crush.

    5. It would never show up at a party wearing the same outfit as you.

    6. BC would never make a passive aggressive comment about your new shoes.

    7. It never asks awkward questions about you career or relationship.

    8. You never have to watch a crappy, pretentious movie to get it.

    9. You don't have to pretend to like their new S.O.

    10. Butter chicken is not a party promoter who makes you attend unnecessary gigs.

    11. It doesn't emotionally blackmail you into getting out of your house.

    12. You don't have to wear heels or formal shoes to get some chicken.

    13. Butter chicken never gives you a hangover.

    14. Eating butter chicken will never make you feel like climbing up on the bar and dipping low.

    15. Butter chicken doesn't create a WhatsApp group to make plans.

    16. You don't have to make small talk with butter chicken.

    17. You never have to be in a room while it's fighting with its parents.

    18. You don't have to spend half your monthly salary to get some butter chicken.

    19. Butter chicken isn't full of annoying teenagers and loud pop music.

    20. It doesn't ever want to talk about its ex over and over again.

    21. It won't make you feel bad about yourself because of how well it's doing in its career.

    22. It won't stay sober and remind you of everything you did the next morning.

    23. Butter chicken hearts you no matter what.

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