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    This Hindu-Muslim Couple Eloped And Got Married In Goa, With 60 Friends And No "Adults"

    "We tried for 3 years to convince [our parents], and finally decided that life has to move on."

    This couple met in college and are in love. They dated for three years and decided to get married. The woman is Hindu, her partner is Muslim. Despite years of trying to convince them, both their parents were dead against the interfaith marriage.

    A month after their court marriage, they took sixty of their closest friends to Goa to celebrate their union. The couple only invited friends and no family elders.

    The first day had a mehendi and a sangeet followed by the nikah.

    The next day, they had a beautiful Hindu ceremony right on the beach.

    "We were finally married in all possible ways," the couple said.

    The story has an even happier ending. The parents eventually gave in and accepted the lovely couple.

    "Three months after marriage, our families were united too. After all true love conquers all. It is not easy for any parent to accept inter-religious weddings not only because of societal pressures but also because of the cultural differences. Good part is when they saw that despite all odds we were together and we are happy, they also accepted us."


    Names and some other identifying information have been removed from this post upon a subject's request, due to safety concerns.