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16 Things The Government Should Ban To Prevent Rape In India

You get a ban! YOU get a ban! EVERYONE gets a ban!

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On December 8, the government announced that private car service Uber is banned in New Delhi, effective immediately, for being in violation of the Radio Taxi Scheme of 2006. This announcement comes two days after a mid-twenties woman was raped by her Uber driver on her way home from work on December 6, in New Delhi.

"In this rape case, the victim was provided a All India Permit Taxi which is not allowed to ferry customers point-to-point in the National capital," Special Commissioner of Delhi Transport Department, Satish Mathur told the Economic Times.

We admire the government's swift action to prevent future rapes, and have a few more suggestions for them while they're at it.


16. #BanIndia / Via Flickr: sandeepachetan

While we're so readily blaming and banning every entity even tangentially related to gender-related violence, we may as well stop existing as a whole. Much easier to disappear off the face of the earth than escape rape culture, right?