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18 Unique Problems Only Gujjus Face

Amey toh avaaj che.

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2. When scoring tickets for Falguni is way tougher than Tomorrowland.

Instagram: @bhargav_mod

5. When you're on holiday and are still being attacked.

Instagram: @thegujjugyan

6. When you're trying to speak in Hindi but this always happens.

Instagram: @vinay_makwana_2636

8. When you can't leave your Gujju in the des.

Instagram: @pattnis_london

(Also shoutout to how Gujju it is to show off the phone you have in your meme.)


10. When your mom has a favourite shaak.

Instagram: @alaygo2

12. When no meal is complete without thepla.

Instagram: @unguiltbymadhu

13. When your relatives sometimes creep you out.

Instagram: @pattnis_london

15. When your dad won't let you leave a room without shouting.

Instagram: @gujju_life

16. When beeja badha na dikra are way worse than Sharmaji's beta.

Instagram: @b

17. And when sass follows no matter what you do.

Instagram: @thegujjugyan

18. And when none of this matters because:

Instagram: @thegujjugyan