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    18 Unique Problems Only Gujjus Face

    Amey toh avaaj che.

    1. When dates are really tough for you.

    2. When scoring tickets for Falguni is way tougher than Tomorrowland.

    3. When you have to prioritise.

    4. Really prioritise.

    5. When you're on holiday and are still being attacked.

    6. When you're trying to speak in Hindi but this always happens.

    7. When you're misunderstood.

    8. When you can't leave your Gujju in the des.

    9. When you have to find your own meanings to slang.

    Akshar Pathak

    10. When your mom has a favourite shaak.

    11. When new trends try to squash your inner gujju.

    12. When no meal is complete without thepla.

    13. When your relatives sometimes creep you out.

    14. When your gujjuness just won't let you chill.

    15. When your dad won't let you leave a room without shouting.

    16. When beeja badha na dikra are way worse than Sharmaji's beta.

    17. And when sass follows no matter what you do.

    18. And when none of this matters because:

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