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This Pinup Series Portrays Indian Women (Accurately) As Sexually Liberated Badasses

*Buys all the paintings*

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Bhanot had the idea in 2012, when she was in art school and she heard about the gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh.

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"I was very angered that there were people out there blaming her for getting raped because she was out at night. Mohan Bhagwat's comment about 'Bharat' becoming 'India' due to Western influence and being the cause for a rise in gang rapes sincerely pissed me off," Nimisha told BuzzFeed.

This painting is called "Karvachauth".

The women in her paintings have a strong gaze. "Looking back and talking back are considered very unlady-like and heavily discouraged in our community," she says.


Nimisha’s collection of pinups includes a series called “Badass Bahus,” which confronts expectations from Indian women as housewives.


"Nothing satisfies or inspires me more than hearing "..this is what the REAL India is like" or when people comment on my Instagram pictures and tag their friends saying "..this is SO US!!"" Bhanot says.