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17 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured How You Feel About Indian Food

Spice spice baby.

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1. When no one can eat just one pakora.

2. When you're trying to hit on a cutie but can't stop thinking about food.

3. Because food is fiiiine.

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4. But sometimes you don't want to be objectified like a samosa.

5. When cross-cultural humour is the funniest.

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6. When eating biryani is like navigating a mine field of spices.

7. When non-Indians overly dramatise Indian food spiciness.

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8. The rare occasion when you open a box of cookies and DON'T find sewing supplies.

9. Or butter in butter boxes.

10. When chai and tea are the EXACT SAME THING!

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11. Ditto with Naan Bread.

12. When you slave over making dal and then slave over washing it off.

13. When the number of phallic shaped food items is just getting awkward.

14. When everyone is too obsessed with dhaniya in this country.

15. When taking food into the bedroom is just the next logical step.

16. When Indian food is better for digestion than Taco Bell.

17. When your roti to sabzi proportions are all messed up.