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    19 Reasons Ketchup Is Love, Ketchup Is Life

    You so saucy.

    1. It injects your banal life with instant flavour.

    20th Century Fox Television

    2. They way it moves is hypnotising. Damn.

    3. Just look at it go.

    Epic Meal Time / Via

    4. You're probably addicted and out of control.

    5. You can't deny that you want it.


    6. So. Damn. Bad.

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    7. If it were a person, you know it would be hot and sweet.

    8. It's so good, you want to write it a love song.

    9. It goes great on top of anything.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    10. It's best friends with other condiments.

    11. It turns every face into a smiley face.


    12. It's versatile.

    13. It fulfils your daily requirement... of awesome sauce!

    Warner Bros. Television

    14. Even your food's last wish is to be smothered in ketchup.

    15. This image speaks to you more than any work of art.

    16. People will try to come between you and true happiness.

    17. But you and your bottle of ketchup have no time for haters.


    18. Because true love's kiss makes everything alright.

    19. Ketchup is love. Ketchup is life.

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