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    17 Foolproof Makeup Hacks For Really Clumsy People

    So easy.

    1. If you don't trust your hand to perfectly line your eyes, use a credit card.

    2. Or just leave it to the multi-tasking machines.

    3. You can even make yourself tiny guidelines to eyeliner perfection.

    4. Tape gives you even less room for mistakes.

    @hudabeauty / Via

    5. If your shaky hands are coming in the way of perfect eyeliner, set your elbow on a stable surface first.


    Check the tutorial here.

    6. If you always find wet mascara marks on your lids, use a card while applying.

    7. If you have a tough time staying between the lines, use tape to contour.

    @HudaBeauty / Via

    8. If you're not good at painting nails, apply a layer of glue on your skin and then GO HAM.


    BONUS: That sweet, sweet feeling that comes with peeling glue off your hands.

    9. If you can't sit still while your nail paint is still wet, run it under a tap for faster drying.

    @m_noreddin / Via

    This works with a bowl of ice water too.

    10. Get the perfect French manicure by using a rubber band.

    11. You can even paint over skin with acetone to erase any proof of manicure mistakes.

    The Beauty Department / Via

    12. If you don't know how to draw on the perfect lip, use tape.

    13. If your lipstick gets on everything, dust on some powder through a tissue to make it more permanent (and matte).

    14. Use a transparent lip liner to keep your lipstick from leaking.

    15. If you've broken lipsticks (through no fault of your own), reattach them using a lighter.

    @nazira_its_me / Via

    16. If your hair is almost always a mess, hold it up with this extra strength hack.

    @lesicons / Via

    17. And if you mess up, all you need is some concealer and an ear bud and you can fix ANYTHING.

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