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14 Times Arabs On The Internet Hilariously Captured Your Life Struggles

More like Arab funny, AMIRITE?

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1. When you see something you like:

2. When your jam comes on at the club:

3. When your secret favourite jam comes on in private:

4. When you've been hurt too many times and develop trust issues:

5. When the hot weather makes you hot headed:

6. When your parents don't support your dreams:

"Kutiya" literally means "bitch".

7. When your name may be a biiit uncommon:

8. When life just throws you in the deep end:

9. When you realise that things are not always what they seem to be:

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10. When the local fauna helps with choreography:

11. When you're trying to show off in front of your crush:

12. And even if you're doing well, your friends won't pass up a chance to humiliate you:

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13. Or straight up throw you in the pit:

14. Or leave you to your death:

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