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19 Reasons Desi Grandparents Are The Best In The World

Best part of summer vacation = Nani's house.

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1. They were the most excited the day you were born.

3. They always have the best bedtime stories to tell.

7. You impatiently look forward to the holidays when you can go visit them minus parents.

10. You hear stories about them being hella strict to their kids but they're super lenient with you.

11. They've often been accused of spoiling you.

12. They teach you about their culture.

13. And you teach them about yours.

14. You sometimes feel like pointing out a thing or two about how some things they believe in might be regressive.

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Like when she acts like you have the plague when you're on your periods EVERY MONTH.


18. They may be critical but they still believe that you're the single most flawless human being to ever exist.