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16 Body Positive Artists You Need To Follow

Share if you're a little hairy, sometimes chubby, not "Fair & Lovely" – and happy as hell.

1. Jasjyot Singh Hans

"I refuse to be made to feel like I'm part of any preference or fetish. Body shaming, race shaming and behavioural shaming are not cool, for any person belonging to any sexuality. So why not just spread ❤️? It's easier."

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2. Ayqa Khan

“It is important for me to normalise body hair because it is something that shouldn’t be a huge deal considering body hair is natural and the removal of it is a social construct.”

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3. Kully Rehal

Rehal draws about breaking gender stereotypes, powerful women role models and just the general struggles of being desi.

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4. Hana Shafi AKA Frizz Kid Art

Hana's drawings celebrate South Asian beauty and badassness. She even has daily positive affirmations to make you feel lovely.

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5. Nimisha Bhanot

Bhanot draws Indian women as badass pinup girls and superheroes.

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6. Reshidev Rk

Reshidev's digital art work of Kerala beauties is spectacular.

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7. Ruwani

"It makes me ache to imagine the young girls who walk through art galleries and museums, looking up at another "classic" painting depicting a white body, meant to set the standard of beauty," says Ruwani.

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8. Adrita Das

9. Khushboo Gulati

Gulati draws about being brown and proud and also queer, trans and non-binary desis.

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10. Hiranyakshaya

Hiranyakshaya's work is a mix of hyper desi models and anime.

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11. Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder just completed her ‘Thank You’ project, "which began as an exploration of my relationship with everyday personal objects and life."

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12. Debangshu Moulik

Moulik takes inspiration from every thing and every one around him and the resulting sketches are amazing.

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13. Babbu The Painter

Babbu can make anything desi – The Simpsons, emojis, pretty much anything. She also draws about desi sisterhood and being Sikh.

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14. Jas from PotatoIsDrawing

Jas's drawings represent people of different colour, culture, gender and size. She reimagines cisgendered white heroes with different identities.

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15. Shreya of 360.jpg

Shreya's drawings in support of the #UnfairAndLovely movement show that melanin is something to be worn with pride.

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16. Anannya Roy

Anannya's art encourages you to be your own kind of beautiful and the captions will hit you straight in the heart.

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