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14 Spectacular Pictures Steve McCurry Has Taken During His Time In India

A legendary nation through a legendary lens.

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1. "Afghan Girl" photographer, Steve McCurry, is here to promote his new book on India at The Jaipur Lit Fest.

Instagram: @stevemccurryofficial

4. "When you are new to a place, the only way to capture its essence is by constantly exploring," said Steve McCurry during a media interaction.

Instagram: @stevemccurryofficial

9. "Most of my travels to India had been stories that I proposed and I am still surprised by the country," he says.

Instagram: @stevemccurryofficial

14. When asked if he’s come back soon, McCurry says, “There is still so much left to be explored. I think I need to go back to Kolkata. I did not spend enough time there.”

Instagram: @stevemccurryofficial

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