9 Things That Make Indian Chinese Food The BOMB

How American is the American Chosuey?

Generations ago Indians realized that Chinese food was good, but not good enough. After much research and development we have successfully invented a new strain of Indo-Chinese hybrid food. A new mouth burning, diarrhea inducing yet highly addictive super-cusine. Move over Kale, a meal of this will make sure you don’t eat anything for the rest of the week.

1. Schezwan Sauce

The Mother Sauce on which this entire cuisine feeds. Everybody stop looking! We have found the elixir of life.

2. Chilly Frikkin’ Paneer

Imagine tiny clouds of heaven holding the spiciest rain ever.

3. American Chopsuey

Boiled noodles mixed with fried noodles? What is happening in my mouth? Sometimes the gravy is literally ketchup.

PS: No Americans were harmed in the making of this dish.

4. Triple Schezwan

This genius creation deserves some sort of prize. Fried rice, hakka noodles and gravy all in one dish! Is this real life?

5. Chicken Lollipop

Does anyone want Chinese flavored Chicken Tikka? Oh yeeeaaaahhh!

6. Chowmein Noodles

Still not sure what goes into this but according to Indian politicians, it is the leading cause of Rape. Please eat with discretion.

7. Manchow “Soup”

This “soup” is only ordered for the fried noodles served alongside. Anyone claiming otherwise is just lying to themselves (and you).

8. Spring Dosa

Regular Spring Rolls are so passé. We’d rather make giant rolls using dosas instead. Just because we can.

9. Chinese Bhel

Move over Michelin Star fanciness.This popular streetfood is the next level of fusion cuisine. Usually blood red in color and can give you various ailments from a sore throat to probably cancer.

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