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22 Reasons Bollywood Needs To Go Back To Its Weird Ways

Stop being serious, Bollywood.

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1. Accessories aren't nearly as large and insect-looking as they used to be.

2. The censor board had so much more chill.

Sanju Movies / Via

3. Whatever this is, needs to come back.

4. The world needs superheroes like these again.

Shivam Chitrya / Via

5. Bollywood heroes need to up their style game.

Mushir Riaz
Mushir Riaz

Psst Ranveer Singh, wear fewer clothes.

6. And so do heroines.

7. Photo shoots were much more creative.

8. Including the outfits and poses.

9. Film makers need to start using stop motion again.

Shankar Films / Via

10. Horror movies then didn't scar you for life.

Mumtaz Films / Via

*Still trying to get over Monjolika*

11. Patriotism didn't just include fighting on Twitter in the good old days.

Nadiadwala Grandsons / Via

12. The facial hair game back then was magical.

13. And so was the choreography.


14. I mean, we definitely need more of this.

http://F.K. International

15. And this.

Chiragdeep International

16. The song locations were much more interesting than Switzerland.

Vasu Films / Via

17. Fight scenes were so much more gentle.

18. Minus all the melodramatic "dhishoom dhishoom".

786 Aftab Pictures

19. Actresses just don't emote this fearlessly anymore.

20. Nor do actors.

Puja Entertainment

21. Intimate scenes were much more aesthetically done.

http://D.M.S. Films

22. Film posters were works of art.

Dada Kondke
K. Mansukhlal

Turn back time, Bollywood.

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