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    15 Adorable Reasons To Become A Vegetarian

    Friends are not food!

    Your vegetarian friends and family have tried EVERYTHING to get you to switch over. Links to videos of how barbarically animals are treated to get your steak dinner, news on why it's healthier to not eat meat and even using vegetarianism as a weight loss tool. If none of these changed your mind, maybe how cute they are will.

    If animals can befriend their natural prey, you can too!

    A vegetarian restaurant in Switzerland figured how to get you to drop the bacon without being annoying and preachy. They used fuzzy friendships instead! We added more to drive the point home.

    1. This little fox does not see chicken nuggets. He sees love and cuddles.

    2. This mighty tiger does not see bacon. He sees kisses and affection.

    3. This agile cheetah does not see deer tikka masala. He sees hugs and neck nuzzles.

    4. This gorgeous lioness does not see deer steak. She sees long walks in the forest and talking about her feelings.

    5. This massive lion does not see dog sausages. He sees a buddy to play peekaboo with.

    6. This adorable kitten does not see a chicken lollipop. He sees a friend to have cat-bird adventures with

    7. These tiny Rottweiler puppies don't see a giant roast chicken. They see a caring mother bird keeping them warm.

    8. This comfy cat does not see Peking duck. She sees a friend and maybe an accessory.

    9. This patient Labrador does not see crispy duck with potato mash. He sees a playmate and a hat.

    10. This tiny tiger cub does not see minced monkey meat. He sees a hug machine and a BFF.

    11. This confused tiger does not see sweet & sour pork. He sees two weird little mutant tiger-pig cubs.

    12. This affectionate lion does not see braised venison. He sees someone who needs to be showered with attention (and saliva).

    13. This duo of tigers does not see slow-roasted rabbits with vegetables. They see cute furry friends to cuddle with.

    14. This beautiful leopard does not see a big juicy beef burger. He sees a friend he can cow-nt on.

    15. This crocodile does not think that butterflies taste like chicken. He thinks they make him look pretty.

    If iz made of cutez, iz not for eatz, k?