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12 Guys Every Girl In Her Twenties Wishes She Could Date

He doesn't social media stalk AND he's 100% over his ex.

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1. The guy who knows how to cook a meal that's not from the frozen food section.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

He makes food that's cheaper than delivery and healthier than ramen? Brb, chaining him up in the kitchen.

2. The guy whose dance moves don't eventually turn into grinding.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

He can lead your two left feet. Plus, his footwork during "Turn Down for What" is to die for.

3. The guy who invites you to his house just to cuddle.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

When he texts you "Let's watch a movie," he literally wants to watch a movie. In the living room. With your clothes on. And no boner poking at you.

4. The guy who doesn't ghost you.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

He always follows up on the three gray dots LIKE A GENTLEMAN.

5. The guy who makes an appropriate amount of noises during sex.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

The first guy you dated was too quiet. The second guy you dated was too loud. This guy's just right. You're like the Goldilocks of sex.

6. The guy who knows how to order wine properly.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

He swirls it around and everything, like your own personal sommelier! Unfortunately, you might have to upgrade your two-buck Chuck.

7. The guy who owns furniture that's not from Ikea.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

Wait his couch isn't a futon? And his coffee table is made of actual wood?! *Swoon*

8. The guy who's cool with your friend third-wheeling.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

Sometimes, he even pays for her! Plus, it makes you feel good to be able to flaunt your great relationship in front of lesser single people.

9. The guy who's actually read all the books on his bookshelf.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

And it doesn't contain any Dan Brown or Ayn Rand. What a dreamboat.

10. The guy who doesn't have an online dating profile.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

Finally, you won't be lying when you tell your parents you met at a bookstore! And you won't need to have "the conversation" about deleting Tinder off your phones.

11. The guy who's not freaked out by your wedding Pinterest board.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

And he has just enough opinions to be helpful, but not so many that he's gonna make you reconsider the cost of your rustic-glam reception.

12. And the guy who's not really looking for a friend with benefits.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

Yeah, he actually wants to date you. As in, he actively plans dates and knows what you look like in daylight. Truly the rarest guy of all.

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