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21 Problems People Who Don't Smoke Weed Will Understand

Let me be blunt.

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3. They ask you to spot them for lunch but suddenly have money to pay for weed.

Yeah, just burn up those 100 dollar bills.


6. You become an involuntary babysitter because they can't control themselves.

We're never going out in public again.


8. They insist on being the designated driver because "driving high is safer than driving drunk."

Or, you could just NOT DRIVE.

9. You can't trust any dessert just laying out at a party.

Et tu, brownie?

10. You're forced to make conversation with yourself because they left to smoke.

Party for one.

11. You have to make sense of what they're saying when they're high AF.

This conversation is over.


14. Having to clean up all the weed crumbs after they roll joints on your counter.

15. You basically have to padlock your kitchen cabinets to save your food from their munchies.

Didn't realize smoking weed turned you into an ANIMAL.


20. They try to convince you weed is healthy because it's organic.

You know what else is organic? Hemlock.