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21 Problems People Who Don't Smoke Weed Will Understand

Let me be blunt.

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1. Having to deal with the rank smell of weed in your clothes and hair every time you hang with them.


You always have to have body spray on hand.

2. Having to spend the rest of the day airing out the weed smell in your living room.

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No amount of Febreeze can save your couch.

3. They ask you to spot them for lunch but suddenly have money to pay for weed.

Yeah, just burn up those 100 dollar bills.

4. You're forced to listen to their "mindblowing" revelations.

BuzzFeed Video /

Spoiler alert: weed doesn't turn you into Kant.

5. They assume you think you're superior because you don't smoke.

Warner Bros. /

Literally no one says that. Must be that paranoia kicking in.

6. You become an involuntary babysitter because they can't control themselves.

We're never going out in public again.

7. And have to play therapist to calm your friends after they get super paranoid.

Disney /

You never thought you'd have to convince someone that they're hands are definitely still attached.

8. They insist on being the designated driver because "driving high is safer than driving drunk."

Or, you could just NOT DRIVE.

9. You can't trust any dessert just laying out at a party.

Et tu, brownie?

10. You're forced to make conversation with yourself because they left to smoke.

Party for one.

11. You have to make sense of what they're saying when they're high AF.

This conversation is over.

12. They don't respect your choices and try to get you high anyways.

Sony Pictures /

Can I live?!

13. You're just trying to have a conversation and they blow smoke in your face.

yako /

Since when does getting high make you lose your manners?

14. Having to clean up all the weed crumbs after they roll joints on your counter.

15. You basically have to padlock your kitchen cabinets to save your food from their munchies.

Didn't realize smoking weed turned you into an ANIMAL.

16. You can't trust their movie recommendations because apparently everything is awesome when they're stoned.

BuzzFeed /

Are you sure you'd give Gigli two thumbs up?

17. They won't shut the fuck up about how hiiiiiigh they are.

Comedy Central /

Or how high they're going to be. Or how high they were last night.

18. You have to delay your plans by an hour because that's how long it takes them to muster the energy to leave.

abovetheinfluence /

No it's cool, we can miss the previews. And the first 30 minutes.

19. You're constantly told that you're not fun.

Bravo /

How is someone's sobriety "killing" your high, exactly?

20. They try to convince you weed is healthy because it's organic.

You know what else is organic? Hemlock.

21. They are convinced that you haven't really experienced music/sex/life because you're not high.

Tyler Oakley /

Don't feel sorry. We're doing just fine.

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