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15 Instrumental Covers Of Pop Songs That Are Better Than The Original

You don't know all the lyrics anyways.

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2. "Blank Space" by The Amazing Cello (originally by Taylor Swift)

TheAmazing Cello / youtube.com

The deeper tones of a cello make Taylor's tune feel a little more sophisticated, so put on your monocle before listening to this one.

3. "Hotline Bling" by Veronica (originally by Drake)

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Though this cover is short, the piano and violin make for a truly gentle rendition of Drake's tortured agony.

4. "All About That Bass" by Charmaine Chan and Kenny Chu (originally by Meghnan Trainor)

二胡與琵琶 Erhu - Pipa Kenny - Charmaine / youtube.com

The use of an erhu and a pipa blends eastern and western sounds for a totally fun fusion cover.

5. "Uptown Funk" by Eclectic Colour Orchestra (originally by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars)

EclecticColour / youtube.com

You can definitely still get down to this orchestral string version, and now you don't have to wonder exactly how dragons retire.

6. "The Hills" by The Theorist (originally by The Weeknd)

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This piano cover of "The Hills" will make you want to sip a glass of champagne and throw your pinky up. It's classy AF.

7. "Love Me Like You Do" by VioDance (originally by Ellie Goulding)

VioDance / youtube.com

This is the kind of monumental string cover that makes you want to run through a field while wearing a ballgown, searching for an epic romance.

9. "Royals" by Vitamin String Quartet (originally by Lorde)

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This quartet is no stranger to pop covers, which is what makes their rendition of "Royals" so perfectly executed. An actual royal would probably play this in their court!

10. "Lay Me Down" by Nicholas Yee (originally by Sam Smith)

nicholasdyee / youtube.com

If you thought Sam Smith's version couldn't get any more tender, you are seriously mistaken. Yee's cello is just as warm and soulful as Smith's voice.

11. "Roar" by China National Orchestra (originally by Katy Perry)

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The orchestra actually performed this version FOR Katy Perry, and she probably approved of this gorgeous take using traditional Chinese instruments.

13. "Cheerleader" by Jessica Burton (originally by OMI)

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This delicate harp cover makes this a song you could totally walk down the aisle to.

14. "Drunk in Love" by Lee England (originally by Beyoncé)

Lee England / youtube.com

The inventive arrangement in this tune will make you want to writhe around on a surfbordt. England makes his violin sing (almost) better than Beyoncé.

15. "Anaconda" by Lara St. John (originally by Nicki Minaj)

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YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS AWESOME SHIT. Seriously. There are no words to describe this insane cover.

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