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21 Food Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

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1. This carb coma:

2. This person who's got a lot of downthyme:

Gnarw0lves / Via

3. This Loch Ness monster:

4. This festive sociopath:

cofrobroo / Via

5. This alternate ending to Finding Nemo:

thegreatjellybean / Via

6. This patriotic piece of meat:


7. This one-eyebrowed chef:

8. This nightmarish vegetable:


9. This toasty saga:

10. This eggsellent rooster:

11. This family portrait:

12. This healthy alternative:

13. This NSFW nood:

14. This questionable lettuce:

15. This love story:

16. And this love story with a tragic ending:

17. This person who can't be trusted:

18. This ambitious baker:


19. This person who's in for some disappointment:

20. This eager pooch:

21. And finally, this genius DIY hack: