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22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Former Emo Kids Cry With Laughter

These posts are not o-fucking-kay.

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1. This basically summed up all your high school dreams:

2. This friendly reminder of Brendon Urie's eternal ~hotness~:

3. This horse that was basically you every day in 2007:

4. This perfectly designed emo trap:

5. This representation of what you sound like singing FOB lyrics:

6. This accurate representation of you on sunny days:

7. This serious issue that plagued you and your Hot Topic shirts:

8. This street you probably should've lived on:

9. This reason to zip your hoodie up over your face:

10. These images that served as your makeup tutorials in the '00s:

11. This brutal honesty about every band's vanity titles:

12. This excellent and still accurate renaming of your favorite bands:

13. This autocorrect tragedy:

14. This important question about FOB's tired feet:

15. This proof that the emo life will always pull you back in:

16. This experience that made you want to ask your dad to take you into the city:

17. This observation that hats and sideburns are soooooo much more emo than eyeliner:

18. This gentle mocking of the scenesters, even though they were basically the same as you:

19. This awkward feeling you had every time you had to acknowledge the general non-emo public:

20. This girl on the far right who was you at Hot Topic EVERY SINGLE TIME:

21. This realization that Pete Wentz is essentially all your style goals:

22. And finally, this truth that all former emos eventually come to realize:

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