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Tony Parker Doesn't Care For The Swag Chris Brown And Drake Got Him

In a manner of speaking. The point guard, his eye injured in the hip-hop club brawl, had an awful shooting day in his game against Spain on Wednesday and took it out on his goggles.

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Tony Parker was an innocent bystander in a June fight between Drake and Chris Brown (supposedly it was over Rihanna) in a New York City nightclub. His eye was injured when a piece of glass flew into it, and in one statement posted on his website he said he wasn't sure he was going to be able to play in the Olympics (he's French, so he plays for France). He hired a lawyer , filed a lawsuit for a ton of money, had eye surgery and got a pair of super-cool hipster eye goggles. But against Spain, he had a pretty terrible shooting game, going a dismal 6 for 20. In fact, he shot less-than-stellar-ly overall in the Olympics, 40.7% from the floor, nine points lower than his NBA average of 49.2%. Can we blame it all on the fight?


We'd call his lawyer to ask about the glasses and if it will affect the lawsuit but that went kind of poorly last time.

(In all seriousness, we hope Tony Parker's eye is OK, and 40.9% shooting on a team whose offense he had to carry mostly by himself is not that surprising. His lawyer did, however, hang up on us after failing to make even a cursory defense of the lawsuit he filed.)

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