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26 Struggles All English / Scottish Couples Face

Don't even mention Gretna Green.

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1. If you're both equally patriotic, it can sometimes cause problems.

It can be hard being in a relationship with an English when you're Scottish 🔵⚪️🔵

Who would've thought national identity could be such a mood killer?

2. Especially when it comes to food, like sausages. / Via

"Link!" "Square!" "LINK!" "SQUARE OR GTFO!"

3. Porridge can also lead to a heated discussion. / Via

Salt or sugar? No matter what they say, anything different to your way is just plain wrong.

4. Going to the chip shop reveals your true colours.

"Fish and chips? That's pure boring!" "Well don't come crying to me when your pizza crunch-induced heart attack sets in!"

5. And don't even get me started on bread.

Yes, even something as simple as what you stick in the toaster can test the very fabric of your relationship.

6. That being said, you're open to being educated in your other half's national delicacies. / Via

"Neeps and tatties?" "It's just swede and potato." "Oh, why not just call it that then?"

7. Despite both speaking English, some language barriers still exist. / Via

But, even if you have a thick Geordie accent or use Weegie slang regularly, it can be fun trying to decipher one another and learn some new words.

8. And you're both always trying to mimic each other's accent.

7months into the relationship. And I still mimic the way my boyfriend says things im his scottish accent. Still makes him embarrassed.

Just when you think you're getting it, your S.O. will still insist they "don't sound anything like that".

9. You couldn't help feeling a bit like Romeo and Juliet during the Independence Referendum.

20th Century Fox / Via

Whether you or your Scottish beau were Yes or No, you had your passport renewal forms at the ready, just in case.

10. But when it comes to football and rugby, watching your national teams play each other is intense. / Via

You can cut the post-match tension with a knife.

11. English folks will never understand their Scottish S.O.'s undying love for Irn-Bru. / Via

"Just one more can!"

12. Watching Braveheart together is a bit awkward, but kinda funny.

20th Century Fox / Via

Sleeping with the enemy much?

13. You sometimes feel like you're single-handedly keeping National Rail afloat.

This is pretty much what a long distance relationship looks like...

And let's not even get started on the Wi-Fi (or lack thereof).

14. And your Two Together railcard is essentially a marriage certificate.

Who says romance is dead? Thank god for @nationalrailenq keeping the spark alive. #twotogetherrailcard #bigsteps

And getting a 1/3 off train fares means you might be able to stay in a semi-decent hotel this time.

15. So you know the route to your S.O.'s place like the back of your hand. / Via

After so long, the scenic British countryside landscapes aren't so scenic anymore. It's just fields and sheep. Over and over.

16. Even though you're sometimes delayed because, lo and behold, THERE'S A GODDAMN COW ON THE TRAIN TRACKS.

On the other hand, you might get a full ticket refund so, y'know, peaks and troughs.

On the other hand, you might get a full ticket refund so, y'know, peaks and troughs.

17. You were understandably outraged when introduced a booking fee.

Talkback Thames / Via

"I left the Trainline for this?"

18. And because you spend so much money on seeing each other, holidays abroad aren't really an option. / Via

It's staycations all the way.

19. People are often disappointed by the story of how you got together.

"So, how'd you two lovebirds meet?" "At uni, same course." "Oh... Is that it?"

20. And meeting the parents for the first time was particularly nerve wracking.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

I mean, you aren't exactly dishonouring the family name, but still.

21. Not least because your S.O.'s family often ask stereotype-fueled questions.

Stop trying to make deep fried Mars Bars happen- it's not going to happen.

No, the weather does not get any less rubbish the further south you go. This is Britain, remember?

22. When it comes to wedding talk, you've agreed to compromise on tartan and ceilidh dancing. / Via

"Gay Gordons is fine, but I draw the line at Dashing White Sergeant."

23. But if someone makes one more joke about Gretna Green... / Via

Seriously, family members, it wasn't funny the first 20 times and it still isn't.

24. You both celebrate NYE very differently. / Via

"WTF even is Hogmanay?" "Only the best night of the year."

25. While the distance is difficult, you appreciate your S.O. isn't exactly on the other side of the world. / Via

Let's face it, things could be A LOT worse. And, as with any long distance relationship, you Skype, call, and text one another as often as you can.

26. And, despite everything, you wouldn't change them for the world.

' English fuck tard ' ' Scottish cunt fuck ' My mum and dad have a loving relationship honestly

If anything, your differences just make things more interesting.