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    • Nilf

      I meanIcould not take this even for sarcasm whichIwas wishing it was whenIstarted reading and then realized nope this is definitely defending these women. You do realize the people who critize women by saying they are wearing too much clothing are the people who take photos of them and know that they are not going to sell unlike the whore outfits they normally wear. Little girls look up to these women and try to emulate them. HellIwant to yell at high school girls whose ass is literally falling out of their pants to put some damn clothes on but this is the world we made. Don’t get pissy about the music business which everyone endorseda16 year old Britney Spears dressed inaCatholic school girl “outfit”. You don’t get to say someone gets slut-shamed when she dresses likeaslut. That is called the truth. People just can’t seem to handle it anymore. Don’t dress like someone who needs to make some cash by walking the curb, there are plently of women who don’t dress likeawhore and look amazing and don’t have multiple stylists and makeup artists. This culture of dressing so scantily clad and then realize that wait this country still deals with rape and sexual assualt onaconstant basis but those don’t have any connection right?Imean how could they? (<—SARCASM)

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