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How Much Of A Wisconsinite Are You Really?

On Wisconsin!

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  1. You love cheese.
    You eat cheese every day.
    You're actually addicted to cheese.
    Cheese curds are your life.
    You love brats.
    You love brats so much that you've gone to Bratfest.
    You love the Packers.
    You really hate the Bears and the Vikings.
    You think Aaron Rodgers is the best.
    You've worn a Packers jersey to church.
    You've worn shorts or a t-shirt in 50 degree weather.
    You love Culvers because life is great with cheese curds and Butter Burgers.
    You've gone on vacation in "Up North" Wisconsin.
    You've gone fishing (and maybe told fish tales).
    You love boating in the summer time.
    You also love tubing on Wisconsin lakes.
    You've gone to Summerfest in Milwaukee.
    You have a separate fridge for your craft beer.
    You've gone to Lambeau and watched the Packers kick ass.
    You've tailgated at a Brewers game.
    You've tailgated at a concert.
    You love going to the Terrace at the Union in Madison to watch the sunsets.
    You've had Babcock Ice Cream before.
    You've gone to a Badger Football game at Camp Randall.
    You've gone to a Badger Basketball game.
    You drank with your parents when you were underage (cuz it's legal).
    You love (Wisconsin-brewed) beer.
    You hate leaving the state because other states don't have Spotted Cow.
    You get excited when Leinenkugels releases its seasonal beer.
    Old-fashions are the best.
    A "bloody mary" to you includes at least 15 pieces of food on it, including cheese.
    You went to school in -30 degree weather.
    You count down the days for hunting season.
    You hate potholes with a passion.
    You laugh every time a TV or movie character is from Wisconsin.
    You love hiking the bluffs at Devil's Lake.
    You've yelled at people when they say you have an accent.
    You've played corn hole before, aka bag toss.
    You've gone to The Dells on vacation.
    You've worn a parka to school in the morning and had to shed all the layers because it was 60 degrees by the time school got out.
    You learned how to polka in gym class (and you still remember how to do it).
    You watched Making a Murderer solely to make fun of the Wisconsin accent.
    You love cranberries and cranberry products.
    You've gone camping with your family.
    You think Door County is beautiful.
    Someone you know owns a Harley.
    You know how to dress for the weather because, let's face it, you never can predict what the weather will be like, as hard as the weatherman tries.
    You know what a beer coat is, and you never leave the house without it on the weekends in the winter.
    You've stood in line at the State Fair to eat a cream puff.
    You know there's two seasons in Wisconsin: winter and road construction.
    Any time is the right time to grill out.
    You know what a FIB is.
    You have neighbors (traitors) who are Bears or Cubs fans.
    You've lived on a farm (or some member of your family has).
    No matter how annoying the weather is, you love Wisconsin deep down in your heart.
    You applied to Minnesota as your last resort, because you didn't really ever want to leave this wonderful state.
    You know happy cows come from Wisconsin.
    You hate driving in Illinois.
    You love the sausage races at the Brewers games.
    You know that no matter where you go in the world, no place will feel quite like home as much as Wisconsin does.

How Much Of A Wisconsinite Are You Really?

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Or maybe you just don't drink (which doesn't make you any less of a Wisconsinite).

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