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23 Times Nick Jonas Was The Ultimate Bae In 2016

Oh damn, I'm so perplexed.

1. When he looked swell as hell in a parka:

2. And when he rocked a peacoat:

3. When he posted this:

4. When he released "Close":

5. When he was SNL's musical guest:

6. When he was dapper AF:

7. When he channeled 50 Shades:

8. When he did Carpool Karaoke:

9. When he posed with his pup:

10. When he was looking GOOD 😍:

11. When he took photobooth shots with the Mother of Dragons:

12. When he was sexy as hell with Shay Mitchell:

13. When he took a selfie with his fans:

14. When this happened:

15. When he played a little ball:

16. When he was on the cover of Billboard 😍😍😍😍:

17. When he posted this gem of a throwback 😂:

18. When he was prepping for Jumanji:

19. Yep, he's really ready for Jumanji:

20. When Demi and Nick were ultimate BFF goals:

21. When he held his newborn niece, Valentina 😍:

22. When he was on the cover of Men's Fitness:

23. And when Shania Twain did this:

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