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    23 Times Niall Horan Was The Cutest Person Alive In 2016

    Thank you for making 2016 a little better.

    1. When he was totally adorable 😍:

    2. When he posted this and — IDK what was more beautiful, the beach or him:

    3. When he was just looking casually cool by a plant:

    4. When he made you want to play golf:

    5. When he was drinking some Guinness with Olly Murs:

    6. When his selfie game was strong:

    7. When he supported Drop4Drop for clean water:

    8. When he was just casually riding the tube:

    9. When his smile was just perfect:

    10. When he was wearing whatever this is 😂:

    11. When he made a shirt for charity 😍:

    12. When he reunited with Louis and some pals:

    13. When he rocked the jorts supporting Ireland:

    14. When he looked dapper AF:

    15. When he chilled with Luke Hemmings from 5SOS:

    16. When he cuddled Liam:

    17. When he blessed us with a new song:

    18. When he jumped into a pool:

    19. When he performed on The Late Late Show:

    20. When even in a grandpa hat he looked cute as hell:

    21. When he practiced for the AMAs:

    22. When he hung out with Shawn Mendes:

    23. And when he took this perfect selfie.

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