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Oh, The Stuff You Can Buy With Bitcoin!

If you’re looking to venture into the extraordinary realm of bitcoin, “Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!”

nikkicreative 2 years ago

I Wore My Grandma’s Old Clothes And It Was Fabulous

When my grandpa gave my grandma a pair of leather shorts in 1972, she marched straight back to the department store to return them. In her mind “hot pants,” as she called them, were too salacious for a woman in her forties. When my grandma explained the situation to the lady at the counter, the woman told her that if her husband thought she looked good in tiny leather shorts, she’d wear them.” My grandma kept the shorts. Recently my grandma passed these same “hot pants” on to me. I was excited that my grandma entrusted me with such a storied item, but I wasn’t sure how to approach wearing the shorts. I tried some different combinations and realized it’s cool to wear your grandma’s old things. Here’s why:

nikkicreative 3 years ago

Why I Should Have Kept My Clothes From Middle School

What comes around goes around. If I could have predicted the future, I would have held onto my clothes from middle school. Here are five 90s trends that are cool again:

nikkicreative 3 years ago