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Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged By Dead Shark

She knew he was trouble when he washed in.

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Meanwhile in Westerly, Rhode Island...

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Last week, Taylor Swift bought a $17 million mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island's bourgie Watch Hill neighborhood. (Formerly of Conan O'Brien notoriety) And people could not stop talking about it. Then a dead shark washed up on the beach.

This is the house. Impressive, I give you that.

This is the Shark. Game over, Tay Tay.

Can't do this with Taylor Swift.

Can't do this with Taylor Swift.

Let's do a quick side by side comparison...

Yep. Shark wins.

This basking shark gets his name from basking in the glory of his victory. Nothing beats a dead shark, Taylor. Nothing.

Via http://Lindsey%20Camelio

Shark - 1 Swift - 0

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