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10 Things Jay-Z Can Do That You Can't

Let's face it. No matter how many diamonds you throw up, you'll never be as cool as Hov.

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9. Hang out with this many awesome kids.

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Even his kid friends are cooler than you. They live really, really hard knock lives, and they still get to sing in front of Bentleys.


7. Name his daughter Blue Ivy

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In 2007, he very clearly told me and the rest of the world that if he had a daughter he was going to call her Brooklyn Carter. At 0:37 this crowd knows what’s up. You lied, HOV. Again.


3. Take something from New Jersey and make it successful.

Jay-Z is the Emilio Estevez of our generation. Look at him. Standing in the middle of that crowd just throwing up the flying V.

Which brings me to my NEXT point...

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