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    45 Canadianisms From "Kim's Convenience" To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Canada

    Read about Canadian foods, phrases, and places from Kim's Convenience.

    The cast of 'Kim's Convenience' make silly faces and poses for the camera

    1. Kim's Convenience

    Outside shot of Kim's Convenience store

    2. Handy Car Rental: Corus Quay and Sugar Beach

    3. Church in Kim's Convenience

    4. College versus University

    Umma is wearing a pale blue tank top. One church member stands next to her and two others are in the foreground with their backs to the viewer

    5. OCAD University

    The brick OCAD University building is being upheld by blue, red, yellow and black supporting structures

    6. Daniels Spectrum

    Ms. Murry, wearing a plaid vest over a white blouse, talks to Janet
    Janet smiles as she walks away from Ms. Murray

    7. Sorry

    Shannon sits in her office with her hands folded. Umma sits across from her

    8. Ali Baba's

    Jung is a white tank top discusses Ali Baba's with Kimchee

    9. Pop

    Gerald stands across from Appa while negotiating his photo commission

    10. Ketchup Chips

    In the Kim's Convenience store, Appa tells Gerald who is across from him that he can have a small bag of chips but not ketchup chips. Janet is standing to the right of Appa

    11. Toronto Raptors

    Jung wearing a dress shirt and tie is incredulous about receiving a pair of Raptors tickets
    Jung is on the left and Kimchee is on the right of the Handy Car Rental Office while talking about the Raptors game

    12. Poutine

    Grace gestures with her arms open wide to show Jung how much poutine she wants to eat

    13. Grange Park

    Janet and Samira are lying face up on a red and green plaid picnic blanket in Grange Park

    14. WayHome Music & Arts Festival

    Janet wearing a blue shirt and a serious expression on her face tells Shannon about the WayHome Festival

    15. Barrio Cervecería

    Appa and Mr. Mehta sit on the patio and talk amongst themselves until a server comes over to tell them something

    16. Streetcars

    Janet wearing a white dress and her grandmother's gold pin tells Appa, "I'll just be a streetcar ride away"

    17. Kensington Market

    There is a tree on the left. To the right of the tree is Janet and Gerald's apartment in a white Victorian house
    A row of charcoal, reddish brown, pink, and marigold-on-top-orange-on-the-bottom Victorian houses. The Pearl Harbor tattoo parlor is also shown

    18. Alexandra Park

    Jung and Kimchee confront the guy with Shannon's bike who is standing next to it and holding Shannon's purple helmet in his hand

    19. Pizza Pops

    Kimchee sits on a black couch to demonstrate the importance of having the freezer next to it

    20. Toronto Blue Jays

    Appa shows Umma the baseball bat signed by José Bautista

    21. Toonie

    Janet holds a toonie in her right hand and a lottery scratch ticket in her left hand

    22. Hydro

    Gerald hydrates himself while Janet tells him that it isn't economically feasible for Chelsea to hang around the apartment so often

    23. E-Transfer

    Chelsea is sitting on the couch. She is wearing a white shirt and smiling as she taps her phone before telling Janet she sent her an e-Transfer. Janet is in the background with her back to Chelsea as she opens the kitchen cupboard

    24. The Globe and Mail

    Mr. Mehta is wearing a pink dress shirt and bluish gray jacket while conversing with Appa about the VIP movie tickets

    25. Nanaimo Bar

    The Nanaimo bar is placed simply against a white backdrop
    Umma stands in the Kim's Convenience store talking to Appa

    26. Oyster Gal and Buck-a-Shuck Restaurants

    Chelsea sits at a desk with her phone texting with Gerald and talking to Janet
    Eight fresh raw oysters are served on a white plate with lemons and sauce

    27. Barbecue

    Shannon ecstatically pumps her fists after she and Kimchee won a free barbecue and a dozen donuts, respectively

    28. Timbits

    A red and white takeout box of Tim Hortons Timbits are shown with photos of the mini donut holes on the box

    29. Bay Card and Bay Points

    Shannon and Kimchee turn when Omar asks Shannon about her Bay card

    30. Canada's Wonderland

    Omar stands before Shannon telling her how much he likes the shorts. Stacie is sitting at a table in front of him

    31. Garlic Festival

    Kimchee is on the phone with a Handy Car Rental customer.

    32. Vegetable Festival

    Omar and Stacie are sitting down at a blue table when Stacie mentions a Vegetable Festival.

    33. Bennington Heights

    Umma, wearing a visor and tennis clothes, is climbing the chain-link fence of the tennis Bennington Heights Tennis Court.

    34. Saskatoon

    Shannon sits at her desk holding a large four-month-old baby. Omar's father and sister sit across her desk while Omar stands. Omar and his family turn to talk to Kimchee who enters Shannon's office doorway

    35. Anne of Green Gables

    A lighthouse on Prince Edward Island is shown while the sun sets

    36. Château Frontenac

    Château Frontenac is set against the backdrop of a darkening bluish-purple sky

    37. Rocky Mountains

    Nayoung is happy and excited while she talks about her Rocky Mountain trip
    The snowy Rocky Mountains are seen against the backdrop of a clear blue sky

    38. Montreal-Style Bagels

    Kimchee wearing a dark blue tie and a light blue dress shirt talks to Shannon in her office

    39. Heart & Stroke Skip-a-thon

    Umma, wearing a dark blue cardigan and a white blouse with flowers, doubts the validity of a customer's claim that her daughter raised money for a Heart & Stroke Skip-a-thon

    40. Cold Press

    A guy wearing a blue sweatshirt retrieves Janet's Cold Press bottle and tells his friend, "You're not gonna find this in the vending machines"

    41. Regent Park Community Centre

    The Regent Park Community Centre is shown from the street with red, white, and blue balloons flanking the doorway

    42. Kitchener

    Ingrid wearing a pink one shouldered ruffled dress is talking to Kimchee at their high school reunion

    43. Henderson Brewing Company

    Jung, Henderson Brewing Company beer in hand, unhappily looks toward Kimchee as they commence watching the basketball game

    44. Wentworth

    An elderly customer enters the store. She is wearing a gold wedding ring and carries her purse in the crook of her arm

    45. Tim Hortons

    Kimchee, wearing a white dress shirt and tie, carries two Tim Hortons-esque coffees in a cup tray which have red letters on yellow cups
    The restaurant chain Tim Hortons building can be seen with a red and black awning. The words "Tim Hortons" are in red.