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11 Creative Ways To Use Instagram's New App

The last one is the best. Trust.

Layout is now available for Android.

Instagram introduced a new standalone app called Layout. It's a photo collage creation tool, and it's out today for iPhones.

The app is available for devices with iOS 7 and up installed. An app for Android will arrive in the coming months.

Most collages aren't *that* cute — but we actually like the creative things you can do with Layout.

1. There are no borders, so you can make stuff like this.

2. Or this.

3. Flipping photos with a lot of sky is fun.

4. Mirroring, then flipping, the same image gives the photo a kaleidoscopic effect.

5. Make a kaleido-selfie, because why not.

6. For best results, wear a shirt with a cool pattern.

7. The collages are also a good way to document a big trip.

8. Show off all the amazing things you ate.

9. Each collage could be its own ~photo series.~

BUT there's only one way to unlock this app's true potential...

10. FACE | S Y M M E T R Y |

11. Just remember: Collage responsibly. We'll be watching you.