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9 Insanely Easy Ways To Fix Your iPhone

Dropped your phone in a pool? Don't use uncooked rice.

Sometimes, unpredictable things happen and you need to let your baby go free.

But for everyday fails, I'm here to help.

Whether you lost you phone, somehow filled up its storage to capacity, or accidentally jumped into a pool with it in your pocket, DON'T FEAR. Here are a few solutions to the most common iPhone problems.








Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do, aside from wiping your phone. Even the FBI had trouble getting past a locked iPhone, so tough luck breaking through the Great Wall of Forgotten Passcodes. After 6 attempts, your iPhone will be disabled and you’ll be locked out for a period of time.

If you really can’t remember your passcode, you’ll have to erase all of its contents and start over. There are two ways to reset: If you have Find My iPhone enabled, use iCloud. You can also connect it to a computer and, while it’s connected, press and hold the power and home button until you see the recovery screen pictured here. Finally, select Restore.



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