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21 Cheating Stories That Are So Heartbreaking, You'll Shed a Single Tear

"He told me in his sleep."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they discovered their significant other was cheating on them. Here are their heart-wrenching stories:

1. The surprise delivery:

"I was a nurse's aide at a hospital. He showed up during my shift to let me know that his side-chick was two floors up, giving birth to his baby."

—Jen Palao, Facebook


2. The double identity:

"My ex-boyfriend had told me that he didn't have a Facebook. One day I found his profile under a different name. Turns out he was married, had a kid, and had lied to me about everything for two years!"


3. The one who turned out to be the other woman:

"I was in a long-distance relationship, and my boyfriend would visit once a month. One day, a friend told me that her cousin had attended my boyfriend's wedding the night before. After some digging, I realized that he had married the woman I thought was his roommate. I was the other woman the whole time!!!"


4. The one who talked in his sleep:

"I found out my ex cheated on me because he told me in his sleep."



5. The saddest place on earth:

"While watching the Christmas parade at Disney World with our family and friends, my husband handed me his phone to take a picture of our kids. He received a dirty text as I was snapping a photo. I threw his phone in the trash, and we didn't talk about it until we got home from the trip THREE days later. I kicked him out and filed for divorce."


6. The Craigslist ad:

"I had borrowed his phone and found a Craigslist page that read, 'Your ad has been successfully posted.' What was the ad you might ask? 'Bottom down for whatever.'"



7. The one who skipped sex ed:

"I got chlamydia, and he convinced me that it was my fault. I paid for our treatments, got cleared, and left on vacation. When I came back, I got it again. The moron didn't realize that he needed to get his side-girlfriend treated too."


8. The one with sexual needs:

"I opened my laptop to find several old shirtless pics of my now ex-husband. I laughed and asked him what it was for, and he said, 'To put on [the dating website] Plenty Of Fish.' He claimed I wasn't fulfilling his physical needs. I WAS NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!"


9. The one devoted to two people:

"My girlfriend of three years and I had decided to move in together. I went to check out an apartment and was shown around by a realtor. We got along so well that we even talked about going on a double date with our girlfriends. When we went back to her office, I saw a picture of her with my girlfriend. I learned that it was their one year anniversary."


Columbia Pictures

10. The friendly employee:

"I was dating a coworker who'd have me drop him off in front of our workplace. He'd then walk to the back to get picked up by his sister. After dating for a few weeks, I found out that his 'sister' was his fiancé. He was also dating five other coworkers."


11. The slumber party:

"I decided to have an all-girls slumber party, and my boyfriend stayed out of sight the entire night. In the morning, I noticed that my best friend was no longer in the room. I figured she had left without saying anything. I went upstairs to find my boyfriend and best friend naked in bed."


12. The birthday surprise:

"My girlfriend threw me a surprise party. Midway into the evening, she disappeared. I found her in a room getting busy with my coworker."



13. The perfect timing:

"I randomly ended up driving next to my boyfriend on the highway. There he was, on a day he was supposed to be at work, with a girl in the front seat."


14. The Instagram block:

"My girlfriend of three years blocked me on Instagram. When I confronted her about it, she said it must've been a glitch. I had my suspicions, so I logged into another account to check her profile. Turns out, she was dating somebody else."


15. The one who wished the truth had never come out:

"He spent New Year's doing 'manly things' with his brother and friends. Six weeks later, I got a text from some girl telling me about the wonderful New Year's she had spent with my boyfriend. I confronted him about it, and all he had to say was, 'I really wish she hadn't told you.'"



16. The one engaged to someone else:

"We were doing the whole long-distance thing, and he'd flown me halfway across the country for a visit. The night before my flight home, he revealed that he was engaged. To make matters worse, he'd mistakenly booked my return flight for the wrong month."


17. The candid picture:

"They were making out in the background of a picture featured in the school's newspaper. It was really fun seeing them on the front page."


18. The nightmare that came true:

"I had been having nightmares about my boyfriend cheating on me, so I jokingly told him about it one day. He took it as a sign that I already knew, and confessed."



19. The "loyal" customer:

"He took some girl to a restaurant we ate at twice a week. The owner realized what was going on and had his daughter call me. My ex claimed it was a business dinner, but one of the waitresses had a picture of them holding hands. They refused to serve him the next time he came in."


20. The one with multiple girlfriends:

"My husband's phone was going off like crazy, so I went to answer it. I discovered text messages from a woman he'd met while working overseas in China. I confronted him about it, and he swore he'd end it. He didn't. Months later, I found out that he had a girlfriend in Israel and California. He had also been seeing prostitutes and escorts throughout our whole relationship."


21. And lastly, the shocking birth:

"I found out when 'my' son was born a completely different skin color."



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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