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Literally Just A Bunch Of Things You Probably Forgot Happened In 2010

Oh, how time flies.

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Guys, we're closer to the year 2024 than we are to 2010!!!!

Google / Via

Aaaaand I bet you don't remember like half of the stuff on this list. But no worries, I'll help you walk down memory lane. In 2010...

1. You couldn't escape the Old Spice Man. You know, "the man your man could smell like."

Wieden+Kennedy/Old Spice

2. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were ever ever ever so together.


3. Your Facebook page looked like this.

Ashfame / Via

4. And everyone was strangely obsessed with poking and SUPER POKING! A moment in history that shall not be missed.

aidaazmii / Via Twitter: @aidaazmii

5. Oh, and people were very into games like Farmville. Anybody need crops, bugs, anything???

Nicole Martinez

6. You played Robot Unicorn Attack on full-volume because the theme song was preeeetty ~magical~. ✨

Adult Swim

7. Jelena sparked relationship rumors, and Selenators and Beliebers freaked the freak out

Jason Merritt/Neilson Barnard / Via Getty

8. Lady Gaga wore the infamous meat dress to the MTV VMAS and made vegans and vegetarians hella mad.


9. Apple released the first iPad, and you probably knew someone who knew someone who camped out for it.


10. The Hills came to an end, and we said goodbye to Lauren, Kristen, Speidi, and the gang.


11. Our favorite Brit, Simon Cowell, broke hearts when he left American Idol.


12. Everyone cried during Toy Story 3, even if they refused to admit it.


13. Bruno Mars released, "Just the Way You Are," and someone's boyfriend probably hated him for it.

Atlantic Records / Via

14. Flash mobs were outta control! People just couldn't stop themselves from bursting into dance.

TheOhioUnion / Via

15. Glee held a nationwide online casting call and Gleeks fuh-reaked out.


16. Oh, and people were OBSESSED with Angry Birds, even though it was released a year earlier.

Rovio Entertainment

17. And let's not forget about QWOP, the game you played that was basically impossible to beat.

Foddy / Via

18. Someone probably sent you a video of the "Trololol" guy, and you definitely hit that replay button.

19. Robert Pattinson confirmed that he was in fact dating Kristen Stewart.

Summit Entertainment

20. The Walking Dead premiered and, yeah, it's STILL on air.


21. John McCain put Snooki's soul at ease with this tweet.

SenJohnMcCain / Via Twitter: @senjohnmccain

22. After six looooong years, and maaaaaany unanswered questions, Lost came to an end.


23. The West Coast claimed victory when the Lakers won the NBA finals against the Celtics. 🎉


24. Sarah Palin's TLC reality show, Alaska, premiered.


25. Google turned its front page into a PAC-MAN game in honor of its 30th anniversary.

Google/BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

26. Cali Swag District taught us how to dougie.


27. And finally, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis auditioned for the seventh season of The X Factor (UK). 💕

Syco Entertainment

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