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    Updated on 10 Sep 2019. Posted on 10 Sep 2019

    15 Rainy Day Dates In Adelaide Under $50

    *Reads story while crush is sitting right next to me for hinting purposes.*

    1. Get cosy and intimate by sharing an authentic, wood-fired pizza at Lost in a Forest.

    2. Learn more about your date’s taste in music by shopping for records in the East End.

    3. Switch up your regular ~drink at a bar~ for a cellar door visit.

    4. Impress your date with your taste in film at the Mercury Cinema.

    5. Bond over live music at a gig.

    6. Live out your rom-com dreams by strolling through an art gallery together.

    7. Have a low-key lunch on Prospect Road.

    8. Engage in some friendly competition at Holey Moley Golf Club.

    9. Go on a classic coffee date in the West End.

    10. Eat, eat and eat some more at the Adelaide Central Market.

    11. Stop by a cute bar as you weave in and out of Adelaide's laneways.

    12. Get your culture on and see a play.

    13. Be spoilt for choice at yum cha.

    14. Get deep on a date at MOD.

    15. And finally, make the most of local festivals or events.

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