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    12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sticky Fingers

    They're almost a Kiwi band.

    1. Sydney band Sticky Fingers have a reputation for getting into scraps, drinking too much and being very opinionated about the NSW government's lockout laws. But according to Paddy Cornwell and Seamus Coyle, the band is misunderstood.

    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

    When Cornwall, the band's bass player and Seamus Coyle, lead guitar, dropped by the BuzzFeed Oz tent at Splendour in the Grass they were on a PR blitz and keen to convince us that their bad boy days were behind them. It probably helped that they'd come minus their frontman Dylan Frost, who, claimed Paddy, had almost got kicked out of the the Gold Bar the night before. Almost. That's an improvement.

    2. So, to set the record straight: they're always well behaved. Before a show.

    They're calling the Sticky crowd the biggest @SITG crowd there's been. #sitg2016 #stifi

    3. And, just like pavlova and Russell Crowe, New Zealand is trying to claim the band as its own.

    Facebook: stickyfingersmusic / Via Twitter: @LifeWithoutAndy

    What's not to love about this lot?

    4. Dylan Frost is a Kiwi and Seamus' mum is from Auckland, which explains some of New Zealand's devotion. But the connection to NZ also accounts for the band's dub and reggae sound according to Seamus.

    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

    The band describe themselves as a melting pot of psych, rock, reggae, and bourbon. Their 2014 album Land of Pleasure was heavily produced, but Paddy says the new album is "much more like five lads in a room who at least know how to play it this time."

    5. When it came time to rehearse their new album earlier this year they did it in Auckland before heading off to Thailand to record.

    Facebook: stickyfingersmusic

    "We were in New Zealand already and we thought it would be more productive to rehearse the album there and get it down tight", explains Paddy.

    6. They actually spent time learning how to play songs for the new album. Diligence is a novelty according to Paddy.

    Facebook: Sureshakermusic

    "We wrote all these songs but then when we went to make the actual thing we realised that we didn’t really know how to play it live."

    7. Then they headed to Thailand to record. And the recording process was definitely made easier by a constantly replenished beer fridge, and in-house chef, and a maid.

    Facebook: stickyfingersmusic

    "We decided to record there because we were looking for a place to record where you can live on the site. And there’s not very much like that in Australia anymore," says Seamus.

    "This guy suggested it to us earlier in the year and we were like 'haha that’s fucking ridiculous', but it got closer to the date and we were all a bit fucked from touring so much and we were like Thailand doesn’t sound too bad."

    "We’d basically get like a song a day done. And in between that there was an endless beer fridge and endless bottles of Jack Daniel's."

    8. But rest easy people, they've not turned into wankers despite the trappings of success. They still like to go to the dogs and hang out with the lads.

    Sticky Fingers / SureShaker Music / Via

    With their new album due for release later in the year, Sticky Fingers has been teasing fans with singles. In March they released a video for their single "Outcast at Last", much of which was filmed at the Wentworth Dog Park in Sydney before the NSW government announced a state wide ban on dog racing.

    9. Unlike the band's vocal opposition to the NSW government's lockout laws, Paddy and Seamus are cautious about commenting too much on the greyhound racing ban. "It’s a tricky one, isn’t it," says Seamus.

    Sticky Fingers / SureShaker Music / Via

    "I grew up on the dogs track because our best mate Charlie, his dad is the caretaker of the joint," says Paddy.

    "And so we filmed at the dogs because we could, because we knew the lads running the show."

    "There are certain people who are really happy with the dogs being stopped for a bunch of reasons but there’s also a massive flip side obviously."

    10. Despite all the regulations, the fellas still reckon Sydney is the perfect music town.

    .@dmasmusic playing the biggest set of #SITG2016 so far ❤️👍🏽❤️

    "Sydney has an amazing scene at the moment," says Seamus. "Just look at Splendour to see all the bands playing. Us, The Preatures, the DMA's, Green Buzzard."

    "Ironically there’s all the lockout laws, but you still have all these bands popping out of Sydney," says Paddy.

    11. Paddy also wants you to know he's a sensitive soul. "I’m more happy to see all the local talent at Splendour. It still gives me like mad tingles."

    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed.

    12. Oh, and he's also a true romantic at heart.

    Sticky Fingers / SureShaker Music / Via

    Before we'd even started to talk music, Paddy told us that while in Auckland at the beginning of the year he'd been charmed by a Kiwi jeweller named Annalise. Or was it the other way around? We may never know.

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