This Is What It Would Be Like If Men Were Treated Like Women In The Workplace

    "That's a real problem."

    Most offices have a generally male-dominated culture. What if an office were run by women? We flipped the script and imagined a world where men experienced the social pressures and double standards that women in the workplace do.

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    Here are some things that would be totally different in that world:

    That thing where normal bodily functions are treated as totally gross.

    That pressure to "not end sentences with a question" and "be more assertive."

    That thing of feeling like your interests are not "serious" enough.

    When you're only asked for input as a "special interest group."

    When you're talked over in meetings, even when your idea is awesome.

    Being asked to do things that the other gender isn't asked to do, like pick up a cake, or clean up, or take notes. Always.

    Having people assume your role based on your appearance.

    Feeling uncertain about asking for more, when you're undervalued.

    Seeing "that look" when you point out that, for example, your gender is only represented in a script by a hottie.

    Being told that you're exaggerating things.

    And when you say, "I know these don't seem like a big deal, but they have real repercussions on my career."

    When you realize this is going on, it's like waking up.

    "It was like nobody was listening to me. It was like this system was already in place that I wasn't a part of."

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