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    • nicky2

      What a shame to discredit Reddit in the wake of the Boston Bombing. Reddit contributors actually helped to dispel the government’s false narrative of right-wing militias being responsible. They had a patsy lined up and everything.  They also exposed the connection between the Saudi national at the scene and top government officials helping to skirt him out of the country after the incident. I say this whole article stinks of misinformation and government propaganda!

    • nicky2

      What everybody here has failed to recognize is that an unchecked flow of immigrants over the past 20 years has increased the labor pool across all industries, which has driven down the cost of labor and kept wage growth stagnant. If we actually enforced only allowing 1 million immigrants per year, as our law states, we will be better able to absorb the increase in available labor, while still maintaining positive wage growth.  The problem is that millions, plural, are coming here every year. So if you are ok with $8 an hour for the rest of your life, by all means keep supporting illegal immigration. But if you are interested in earning more and living better, might I recommend supporting LEGAL immigration instead.  It’s a tough choice I know, but it’s either you or them. So who do you choose to survive?  You choose YOU! Think logically! This isn’t a game. This is Life 101: “Survival”, the first law of the jungle, is in full effect. So have no illusions. It would be nice if there was enough to go around, but there simply isn’t. And the sooner we all recognize this, the better off we’ll be. No other country in the world stands for illegal immigration on such a massive scale, so why should we?

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