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26 Signs You're An Aussie Country Kid

An endless supply of Woodstock bourbon, B&S balls, and Todd Carney. Country Australia has it all.

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8. You know how rebellious you felt when you stayed up last Prime Possum's bed time.

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10. But don't get us started on how tough your summer is, Sydney.

14. You've been to a few B&S balls in your day.

For you city folk a B&S (Bachelor and Spinster ball) is basically where you go to meet people of the opposite gender, and that's putting it lightly.

21. You know how broke you get come festival season.

First we need to drive to our nearest capital city, fork out for accommodation, and then pay for an already overpriced festival ticket. Not to mention going on a shopping spree at City Beach while we are in the city.

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