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    13 Jan 2015

    Elvis Impersonators Double The Population Of This Town Every Year

    "Thank you little town, thank you very much."

    Welcome to Parkes, a small town in rural Australia with a population of around 13,000 people.

    The week is not complete unless you get a selfie The Dish whilst dressed as Elvis.

    A town known for its radio telescope, or "The Dish," which played a huge part in the Apollo 11 mission.

    But each year in January, the town plays host to a five day long Elvis Festival.

    What started as a one night performance in 1993 which drew 300 people, turned into a world famous event.

    With people travelling from all over Australia and the world to experience a town that has gone Elvis crazy.

    The festival has gotten so big, that it doubles the population of Parkes over the five days.

    Some of these impersonators legitimately have the ladies weak at their knees.

    The whole town goes back to the '50s!

    There's '50s inspired fashion...

    And cars on display everywhere.

    The festival brings in everyone! Like families...

    School kids...


    And this little cutie.

    Firefighters get in on the fun!

    Even the local rhino wants in on the action.

    There's parades!

    With congo lines and all!

    And.. uh... just people being free spirits.

    There's also an Elvis rugby match.

    Each year the festival continues to grow.

    And remember: what happens at the Parkes Elvis Festival stays at the Parkes Elvis Festival.

    "Thank you, thank you very much."

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